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Blog for May 18th, 2015

May 18th, 2015
Arrival in Marrakech
Walk around the city

The Dirham is restricted so isn't available outside Morocco which requires changing currency on arrival
The flight was delayed by over an hour and the last shuttle bus to the city centre was at 21:00. Money was quickly changed and a wander around the luggage carousels to collect my luggage
Sunset at arrival
The bus was still parked outside and luckily the driver was praying on the pavement so I waited to one side until he had finished
It was only a short journey into the city. The street of the hotel was easily found but there were no house numbers so a quick enquiry in a shop sorted out which direction to go
The hotel was located on a side alley of a street that lead directly to the Place Jemma-el-Fra square with all its good stalls and street entertainment ranging from Berber music jamming sessions to snake charmers
Overlooking Place Jemma-el-Fra square
Located on the other side of the square were the Souches with their hundreds of side alleys and thousands of stalls. If the stall you went into didn't have what you were looking for the owner would take you to one that did
Stalls selling fruit juices in the Place Jemma-el-Fra square
A quick look around some stalls then off to the square for good and wander around the entertainment
First of many tajines
Back at the hotel the distant sound of the street music was a nice backdrop. I didn't have en-suite but at least the shared toilet was a sit down