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Blog for May 19th, 2015

May 19th, 2015
Morocco, Journey to Imlil and Tamatert
Short evening walk from Tamatert to Tizi n'Tamatert

Journey to Imlil
The journey to Imlil was via a Grand Taxi which is an old Mercedes car. It takes 6 people before the driver leaves. That's 6 passengers and the driver so 4 passengers in the back and 2 more sharing the single front passenger seat

There were 2 tourists already waiting so it was a case of waiting 40 minutes until enough local people made up the 6 of us
In Imlil I was immediately approached by someone asking if I wanted information from the guide office. I went in to check on the snow line as it was cloudy on arrival. Toubkal had snow starting at the refuge and I was told that the snowline was at 2,800m
It turned out he was a guide also had a guest house a short way out of Imlil for 150Dh per night. He didn't want to reduce the price but since this was the price down in an old guide book it seemed reasonable as it included dinner and breakfast. It turned out that I had the whole place to myself
The guide office had a better quality map showing the paths more clearly. It was 1:40,000 so similar to using a Harveys map, except the contours were every 20 metres like the map I had bought in Marrakech. It also was more recent as there were more roads marked

The problem was the 5Km grid squares were rectangle. They should have been 12.5cm but were 11.2cm east/west and 9.1cm north/south. This meant the map had a scale of 1:44,642 east/west and 1:54,945 north/south or if going north west/south east 1:49,000

Distances and timings would need to be adjusted between 11% and 37%
My (spacious) room
Balcony outside room
View from balcony
Off for a walk
I went for a short walk to stretch the legs and and get used to the map. There were paths I came across that weren't shown on the map

The col at Tizi n'Tamatert was easily reached along the stream and then through the woods following the orange spray painted arrows
Zig-zags of dirt road from Tizi n'Tamertet down to Tinerhourhine, path at bottom of picture
Food stop at top of Tizi n'Tamatert. Also closed the next day
I headed up to Adrar Tamalaroute. The path was initially good but as I went higher it became scree
I stopped at 2,400m as the scree was not pleasant for a simple stroll. At the point I stopped I spotted a large number of ladybirds
Ladybirds at 2,400m
When I got back dinner was ready. A simple packet soup, tinge followed by tinned peaches. A good meal and far more than I would later experience whilst camping