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Blog for May 24th, 2015

May 24th, 2015
Morocco, Timichchi to Oukaimeden via Tizi Ouhattar (3,130m)
Heading to comfort

Breakfast was tea and slightly stale bread. Since I hadn't gone to the toilet the night before I stored the bread for later. If I'd eaten it the digestion system was start up requiring a toilet visit (the alley)
When the leaving the house the owner took me to a locked door. Once opened I saw it was his food store. He gave me 2 oranges, they would be a more natural source of vitamins than my tablets
Newer pink path markings replacing previous blue ones
The previous day the northern path had descended to the river even though the map showed it contouring along the hill. I asked the owner about this path but he answered 'mountain' and pointed to the river

I was curious and wanted to explore so I took what looked like a higher path but it soon went back down to the river. Reluctantly I took the river path
Marking showing path goes in river
Old path found
Going upstream I could see houses on the other side of the river that were also shown on the map, surely they must have a path to them. Since a lower path was shown only 20m above the river I decided to cross over and make my way up the slope
I found what looked like an old path and followed it downstream but it became too overgrown so I had no idea where it went
Potatoes being grown
I saw some houses higher up so scrambled up to them. There was a path that went downstream onto an exposed open slope with a faint path. The slope was quite steep and loose scree in places

I decided it would have taken too long to explore due to the care needed

Going upstream the path came out at the point where the previous day the path had turned down to the river
Old path markings on northern side of river
Walk down from col to ski had a sprawled out number of houses that all seemed empty except one with an old man tending to his vegetables
Old huts between Tizi Ouhattar col and Oukaimeden
There was an abundance of meadow plants and everywhere looked so green compared to the mountains
Meadow near Azib Tiferguine heading into Oukaimeden
Flower in meadow outside Oukaimeden
Mobile sales
The arrival at the ski centre heralded a salesman on his moped. What was he going to sell someone with a heavy rucksack?

A rock. OK it had been split in half and had very impressive crystals inside but it was still a heavy rock and I didn't fancy carrying it for the next 2 weeks until I went back to Marrakech
Looking south west from Oukaimeden
The refuge at the ski centre was packed full of English and French children which was good to see them having the chance to explore the mountains. Unfortunately sharing a building with 60 people was so different to my previous days I went off to see what else was available

Most buildings were holiday chalets and they were all closed. A hotel was open but cost 4 times the price of the refuge
Shops in Oukaimeden
Rocky moped man came along, he was now only asking 2 times the price. So the refuge was the cheapest option

As there was internet access I obtained a weather forecast so I could be prepared for the next few days
I went out for a local tagine dinner
Looking east from Oukaimeden to Adrar n'Ouhattar