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Blog for May 25th, 2015

May 25th, 2015
Morocco, Unexpected snow, poor visibility, 2 tea stops
Second Attempt to Tameskaoute (3,210m) after previous bad weather

The previous day the weather forecast for today indicated a freezing level of 3,200m and no rain expected

However, outside at 2,600m, there was a light layer of snow
View from Oukaimeden French refuge
With a number of well stocked shops in Oukaimeden supplies would be plentiful. I just bought bread and tinned luncheon meat for my evening meal plus a few treats as I could get more supplies the next day
Oukaimeden shop selling just about everything
Looking from Oukaimeden to Adrar n'Ouhattar ridge in centre, Tameskaoute (3,210m) on left
Since the weather was going to be good the plan was to go along the Adrar n'Ouhattar ridge and make a second Attempt to Tameskaoute (3,210m)
Hills north east of reservoir at Oukaimeden
Empty huts outside Oukaimeden
Rather than go back to Tizi Ouhattar col and then to Adrar Angour my route was up the easy north west spur directly to Adrar Angour
Looking east from north west spur of Adrar Angour
Once on the Adrar n'Ouhattar Ridge the clouds started to lower and visibility decreased to about 50 metres. Still it wasn't as bad as the thunder and lightning the day before
Tea with shepherds
I went along to 3,000 metres and came across 2 goat shepherds. They were having trouble boiling water for their mint tea due to the damp conditions after the snow. I got my stove out and boiled water for them. We shared mint tea and a very simple conversation, which like the tea was warming

Since there weren't going to be any views I decided to go back down and come back a third time
Going along Adrar n'Ouhattar ridge
More tea
On the descent I used the road that went to Assif Tiferguine. I came across a man walking his two horses back to his house. I was invited for tea which I accepted. Tea was followed by bread and tinned vegetables

On departing a request was made to treat his finger that had been badly cut. I washed, dressed it and left more bandage tape for the next day
Empty hut outside Oukaimeden
I spent the night in one of the empty hillside huts outside Oukaimeden . Although I put the tent up inside to dry it off and the hut roof was leaking slightly. I also didn't know if there would be scorpions
Dogs dinner
I was looking forward to my meal. Although it had been poor weather I'd twice had tea with locals and I was sheltering in a dry hut so overall it was a good day

Being a Muslim country I knew the luncheon meat wouldn't be ham. It was turkey, but looked more like meat for a dog. I gave up after half a tin and just ate the bread. The second tin was put in a bin in Oukaimeden the next day
Evening meal