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Blog for May 27th, 2015

May 27th, 2015
Morocco, Part of scramble up Adrar Angour (3,220m)
Ascent of north west spur from Oukaimeden

Bad breakfast
To save money I didn't have breakfast in the refuge as it cost 30Dh, bread from the shop would be much cheaper. Although the shop was open, there was a problem, the bread delivery van would not arrive until 10:00 and it was 09:00

The shop was the only one open and breakfast at the refuge had already finished. The carbohydrates chosen were chocolate bars and chocolate biscuits. They cost 29Dh, a total saving of 1Dh (7 pence)

Breakfast at the refuge would have been so much better
Looking up at north west spur of Adrar Angour (3,220m) near spot height 2,863m
Interesting natural flower arrangement
North west spur of Adrar Angour
Scrambling was really nice as the rock offered lots of grip and handholds although the rock was shattered so care was needed not to use lumps that could come away
Unknown insect
When 3,220m height was reached the scrambling options became more exposed. The weather would also be changing in the afternoon so it was time to turn around and get off the hill
I made a straight line descent to Asif n'Ait Irene valley down the scree slope
Looking back from Asif n'Ait Irene to Adrar Angour
The cloud was coming in so I just walked along the valley to the refuge just before a heavy shower arrived. It was nice for it to be raining and not be caught in it
In valley looking south towards direction of Tizi n'ou Addi
Shoe strain
The recent heavy rain had made me avoid camping and it was having an impact on my finances. Inspection of footwear revealed the punishment they were getting from the terrain

The question was which would come to an end first: money or trail shoes?
Footwear after initial sowing repairs
Food shop
I was going to be organised and get the next days days shopping so I didn't have to wait for the shops to open the next day. I could also buy some food for tonight's dinner and save more money
As visitor numbers were low I went to another shop in order to 'spread my money' amongst the shops. The bread was small round loaves so I bought 3 of them. Various mackerel tins were available and a selection placed on the counter

I was being hassled by a souvenir salesman so I just went for 3 of the cheapest tins
Bad choice
Back at the refuge I tucked into my cheap dinner

I should have taken more time looking at the tins as I really like fish in tomato sauce. The tins I had bought did not have tomato sauce but were in oil and had been produced three and a half years ago. They still had 6 months before their expiry but that didn't make them taste any better. Rather than endure them for 3 meals I had 2 tins for dinner with a loaf

I wasn't sure if the fish was going to pass through or come back up so I put the last tin in the bin
What to do?
Oukaimeden offers a variety of low and mid level walks and there was a lot to explore. However, I wanted to get away from this tourist area as it was a bit too tacky

Tacheddirt where I'd passed 5 days before would offer other possibilities so it was going to be tomorrow's destination