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Blog for May 30th, 2015

May 30th, 2015
Morocco, Part way along Cresta Fouzrou n'Ougouti from Tizi Likemt
Wild camp above Azib Tamenzift

Mo set his clock the night before and breakfast was served exactly at 8am
I left Tacheddirt and went up the path to Tizi Likemt
Leaving Tacheddirt
Looking west of Tizi likemt col
I took it easy during the ascent as I was now carrying all my camping equipment
Stone shelter on northern side of Tizi Likemt col
I headed west along Cresta Fouzrou n'Ougouti
Near start of ridge along Cresta Fouzrou n'Ougouti
Further along Cresta Fouzrou n'Ougouti
Snow problems
Further along the ridge, out of sight, was a 10 metre wide section of snow that had steep run-offs either side of the ridge

I attempted to go up the side of the snow on the easier sloped side but there were no hand holds and my feet were sliding on the snow

Time to go around as it wasn't worth risking a slip becoming a slide and I wouldn't be visible from any paths if I had an accident
Looking south from Cresta Fouzrou n'Ougouti
The route on the ridge became more technical so I descended into the gully going to Azib Tamenzift
When I got to 3,100m I reached a stone shelter but carried on descending
By stone shelter looking up to Cresta Fouzrou n'Ougouti
Steep sided sections along descent
One of several waterfalls to be bypassed
There was another shelter at 2,960m surrounded by a stone wall so I chose that for my camping spot as it would offer shelter if the wind became strong

I'd hoped to have reached a village to buy food so I didn't have any dinner to make what I had last longer
Stone shelter at wild camp spot
Large plant sharing wild camp spot
Wild camp spot to north of Azib Tamenzift