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Blog for June 1st, 2015

June 1st, 2015
Morocco, Adrar Iferouane (3,996m) and Adrar Azrou Isoualen (3,859m)
2 villages no longer exist so resulted in long day to Amzouzart

In the morning the wind had eased and the tent was shaded from the early morning sun by the rock I had camped behind

Since I was close to Adrar Azrou Isoualen at 3,859 metres it was visited then back to the Adrar n'Ouaourege ridge and off to Adrar Iferouane which is 4 metres short of 4,000 metres
Looking north towards Adrar Iferouane (3,996m)
Looking south towards Azrou Isoualen (3,859m)
There was plenty of snow around so getting drinking water wouldn't be a problem

On the way to Adrar Azrou Isoualen I saw a stream from the melting snow and filled up my water bottle
Plants in melting snow stream
Looking west from Adrar Azrou Isoualen col
Looking north from Adrar Azrou Isoualen col
I stopped for lunch just before getting to Adrar Iferouane, cooking the onion and tomato that I'd been given the day before by Bribe. A simple meal with some stale bread
Lunch stop before Adrar Iferouane summit (3,996m)
The descent from the col going SW from Adrar Azrou Isoualen is loose spill and small stone scree. A faint path starts in the bottom of the stream but a bit of scree skiing is needed first
Steep south west descent from col near Adrar Azrou Isoualen
Looking up during western descent from Adrar Azrou Isoualen
The path followed near to the stream and at one point where they were close to each other I noticed the stream had become dry

Further down the path the stream re-emerged. At this point vegetation started to appear
Re-appearance of stream
Closed village
The route was then a descent through the villages of Azib Iferouane and Azib n'Ououraine to see if I could get good supplies before heading up Adrar n'Tiniline from Tizi n'Ououraine

Both villages were shut. Not in that country village half closing day but more the fact that the rock houses had been demolished
Part of abandoned village
Not strangers
Change of route to Tagounite as it was a large village

Ahead of me on their way up to Tizi n'Ououraine were a couple of mules and 3 people. When I caught them up at the col they were having a break away from the path. Later along the past they caught up with me so I stepped to one side to allow the mules to pass

I recognised a pair of Adidas trousers being worn (not by the mules). It was Bribe and his brother & sister

It was good to see them again and it gave me a chance to thank him again for the 'picnic' food I'd eaten for lunch
Looking back north to Tizi n'Ououraine
Change of destination
I discovered that Tagounite village isn't where it's shown on the map but further down. Bribe lived slightly further on in Amzouzart so I said I'd follow him to the village. I was hoping that he would invite me to stay so I could pay him, thereby giving hime more money as a thank you for his generosity the day before

The disadvantage was a drop in height. That would simply mean a change in the unplanned plan
Evening meal after 10 hour walk
Camping or not
He asked if I wanted cafe and camping which I assumed was his was of saying his house. We actually stopped at an open area with a shack covered in a plastic sheet. Oh well, shame it wasn't his house. He then made some tea so I guess there was an open policy

As nice as the thought was I didn't fancy sharing the space with all the flying insects

Bribe had also spoken about a Gite on our way down so I inquired if it was nearby. The owner soon appeared and I went off with him a short distance away. The facilities looked good

I enquired about eating. There seemed to be some confusion and the owner disappeared. Bribe appeared after a while. Dinner was to be back at the cafe

When we got there it looked like Bribe was in charge and it turned out it was his cafe. It was a chance to give him some money. Good

Dinner was a large tagine with chicken. Breakfast would include omelette so two meals with protein