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Blog for June 5th, 2015

June 5th, 2015
Morocco's Highest Peak, Toubkal at 4,167m
Tete d'Ouanoums (3,970m) , Toubkal O (4,030m), Toubkal (4,167m)

No plans today but on seeing the last few people leave the refuge at 08:00 to ascend Toubkal I decided that would be the place to explore

Most trekkers attempt Toubkal after they have arrived at the refuge the day before or perhaps after a days rest. They usually have breakfast at 06:00 for an early start

Since I'd been at altitude for more than a week I wouldn't struggle as much, if at all, from the affects of altitude and wouldn't need such an early start

I quickly got ready and headed up at 08:20. On reaching the corrie, the view to the right looked interesting as there was some scrambling so I explored that route
Looking north along Toubkal O ridge to Toubkal
I worked my way along the right ridge to Tete d'Ouanoums (3,970m), mainly on rock but occasionally scree. I could now see a large circular ridge going all the way to Toubkal (4,167m) via Toubkal O (4,030m)

It was a great route with long drops to the right at various points. I was fully acclimatised from my previous 2 weeks of the trip so there was no great effort as I could move without needing to stop due to lack of breath

The ridge route took longer than the usual route through the corrie so by the time I had completed the eastern ridge the last people were descending from Toubkal
Looking back to Toubkal O
I had the mountain all to myself but chose to stop 30m before the top. Something I often do on Munros in Scotland as I know I could go to the very top if I wished but it's nice to save it for another day
Summit of Toubkal (4,167m)
I went over to the edge to get a good view north. A couple more peaks were on view so I descended to the northern col
Looking north from the summit of Toubkal (4,167m)
Looking back to Toubkal from northen col
I scrambled most of the way up Imouzzer (4,010m) and then Tibheirine (3,887m)
Summit of Imouzzer
Remains of aircraft that crashed on Tibheirine in Novemeber 1969 after engine problems
Plant benefiting from sheltered position from weather
I took a direct descent down to the stream and path which entailed the usual grit and rock scree with a lot of scree surfing

When I got back to the refuge, Mohammed from Tacheddirt was at the refuge as he was going to take some trekkers up Toubkal the next day

As the gullies at the southern end of the Toubkal valley had snow, the plan for the next day was to go north up to Tizi n'Tadat col

I'd get supplies from either the Azib Tamsoult refuge on the west or go east to Sidi Chamharouch. At the end of the day I would wild camp near Tizi n'Tarharat col from where I could go along the southern end of the Toubkal ridge and also north towards Agouti

There were strong winds that night and I got little sleep