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Blog for June 7th, 2015

June 7th, 2015
Morocco, Imlil for food supplies. Scorpion wild camping
Tamsoult Refuge via Imlil to Tacchedirt

Food trip
The general plan was to go back to Tizi n'Tacheddirt and explore the hills I'd previously seen either side of the col

The route would go through Imlil and it would be a good chance to stock up on food for the next few days
Rock patterns approaching Imlil
When I arrived back in Imlil I found it much busier than when I'd left. It was later in the season and there were more tourists

Being a weekend there were also a large number of Moroccan tourists dressed in their designer clothes
Hiding equipment
To lighten my load I hid some of the equipment that I was carrying: cooking equipment as I had bread and sardines; spare batteries and charger as the torch batteries were charged and I wasn't using the torch anyway

I initially placed the equipment in undergrowth by the side of the road outside Tamatert

Just as I came back to the road an elderly man went into the area I'd just been in. I kept looking at him to see where he was going, he kept looking at me, probably wondering why I was looking at him

I decided to use another location and went further along the tracks to some woods
Zig-zags of dirt road from Tizi n'Tamertet down to Tinerhourhine, path at bottom of picture
Exploring villages
When I got to Tizi n'Tamatert, rather than go along the road as I had 2 weeks before (view blog), I dropped down to the river so I could explore the villages on the north side of the river: Tinerhourhine, Ouaneskra and Bonaska
Foot bridge across river at Tinerhourhine
Once the ascent from the river has been completed, the path is generally undulating
Numbered outlets from irrigation channel
Approaching Ouaneskra
Side street in Ouaneskra
Irrigation channels outside Bonaska
Before getting to Tacheddirt the Golfi GTI that I'd seen going past several times whilst staying at the gite 10 days before was parked by the road in an excavated rock area
High Atlas mountain car port
Near start of path to Tizi n'Tacheddirt
Worm and scorpian
It had been 9 hours since I started so I decided not to go all the way to Tizi n'Tacheddirt col today

I found a flat area and collected some water and added sterilising tablets

When the water was ready I noticed a worm swimming inside. I always use a clear water bottle to see what's inside but had missed it after filling the bottle

Putting the tent up I discovered a scorpion under one of the rocks
Camp site part way to Tizi n'Tacheddirt
Strong winds
After going to bed, the winds gradually increased in speed until it became far too noisy to sleep

This was my 3rd night with little sleep due to winds so I decided to leave my camp spot

Things come in 3's so after the worm and scorpion this must be the last thing to go wrong today
Light problems
During the walk back to the road outside Tacheddirt my head torch batteries started to fail. Obviously my assumption about them being fully charged was wrong

This would have been an ideal time to swap the batteries for the spares I had brought on the trip. Unfortunately the spares were with the equipment I had hidden earlier

I used the torch facility on my phone for the short walk back to the road
Alternative sleeping location
When I got there a local man appeared and told me to follow him. He took me to an empty building where I put my rollmat and sleeping bag for the night

Hopefully that would be the end of the adventures for the night