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Blog for June 10th, 2015

June 10th, 2015
Morocco, 12 hours exploring other side of Tizi n'Tacheddirt col and returning to Imlil
Anrhemer (3,893m), Adrar nou Ahior (3,791m) and Bou Iguenouane (3,882m)

I was going to explore the hills south of Tizi n'Tacheddirt col, return to the col and then walk back to Imlil, diverting a short distance to collect the equipment I had hidden outside Tamatert

This was going to be an ambitious day as the walk from Imlil to Tizi n'Tacheddirt had taken about a day (view blog) and I was going to explore several hills as well
After taking my tent down and packing my rucksack, I went up the short distance back to the col to take some photographs

Some muleteers were resting their mules and I bought a chocolate bar and coke
Mules resting at Tizi n'Tacheddirt
View of previous days start of route
Lighter load
The ascent up to Tizi n'Tigourzatine is along a broad spur as is fairly good underfoot

On the way up to Tizi n'Tigourzatine I hid my camping equipment to keep my pack load lighter
Looking to Bou Iguenouane
Turning east the ridge to Anrhemer undulates over loose rocks
Going along Anrhemer ridge
Looking north west to area before Adrar Angour
The ridge then has larger sections to climb up and down. Arriving just before Anrhemer the terrain became more difficult and I decided not to proceed as I was alone and was in a very remote area
More difficult route at Anrhemer
It was time for a food stop so I had bread and sardines. I'd been eating these for the last few days and I was looking forward to getting a meal in Imlil later
Sardines eaten over last few days
Rather than go along the ridge back to Tizi n'Tigourzatine I chose a scree gulley
Direct descent to Tizi n'Tigourzatine
Looking back to Anrhemer ridge
Looking south to Bou Iguenouane
Bou Iguenouane summit
Nearly at Bou Iguenouane (3,882m) summit
Long way for pizza
When I reached Bou Iguenouane it was 16:30 and I had 15Km to get to Imlil with 2,100 metres of descent and 2 stops to collect hidden equipment

I'd reward myself with a pizza when I got to Imlil
Later afternoon view looking north from Tizi n'Tigourzatine
Back to Tizi n'Tigourzatine, descent and after a short hunt for my hidden camping equipment I arrived at Tizi n'Tacheddirt col at 18:30

It was a quick descent down the path towards Tacheddirt stopping at the roadside to collect water from the stream

I walked along the road and tried to hitch a couple of times without success. It was starting to get darker although I didn't need a torch as I was walking along the road
Finding hidden equipment
I arrived at Tizi n'Tamatert at 21:15 and would now be on a track so a torch was needed. My batteries had failed 3 days earlier (view blog) so I had to use my mobile phone LED light

The equipment was hidden part way up a dry stream bed opposite a junction with another dry stream

Even though it was dark it was much easier to find compared to my other days hiding equipment behind rocks
Retrieving hidden equipment near Tizi n'Tamatert
It was great to have a head torch and the last equipment was loaded after a quick repack of the rucksack

As I descended the path towards a stream I could hear the sounds of frogs
One of many frogs providing a chorus in the dark during the descent to Tamatert
What pizza
Before Imlil is Tamatert where I had stayed when I first arrived on 19 May (view blog). Although it was tempting to stay at the gite again I wanted that pizza

I finally arrived in Imlil at 22:30 to find the pizza cafe shut. Second choice were some snacks from a shop

I walked back along the road until I got to the refuge. The door was locked. I knocked quietly and someone immediately opened the door

Great, they were open for business. Snacks, not sardines, and a bed. Luxury