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Blogs for May 2015
Morocco, Down to valley then up to Adrar n'Ouaourege ridge
Wild camp at 3,800 metres
Morocco, Part way along Cresta Fouzrou n'Ougouti from Tizi Likemt
Wild camp above Azib Tamenzift
Morocco, Tacheddirt to Tizi Likemt (3,555m)
Checking if snow covered col is open
Morocco, Oukaimeden to Tachddirt via Tizi n'ou Addi col
Easy walk over col on good tracks and paths
Morocco, Part of scramble up Adrar Angour (3,220m)
Ascent of north west spur from Oukaimeden
Morocco, Third attempt to reach Tameskaoute (3,210m)
Good weather at last
Morocco, Unexpected snow, poor visibility, 2 tea stops
Second Attempt to Tameskaoute (3,210m) after previous bad weather
Morocco, Timichchi to Oukaimeden via Tizi Ouhattar (3,130m)
Heading to comfort
Morocco, Chased off the hill by thunder and lightning
Adrar n'Ouhattar ridge and Tameskaoute (3,210m) attempt
Morocco, Wild camp at 2,700m outside Agounss
Tizi n'Tacheddirt, Iabassene to Agounss
Morocco, Wild camp at Tizi n'Tacheddirt (3,230m)
Tamatert to Tizi n'Tacheddirt
Morocco, 9 hour walk to check snowline
Tamatert to Tizi n'Tarharat and back
Morocco, Journey to Imlil and Tamatert
Short evening walk from Tamatert to Tizi n'Tamatert
Arrival in Marrakech
Walk around the city