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Blog for February 11th, 2016

February 11th, 2016
Exploring Tatra National Park trails
Polana Strazyska hut and waterfall

Mala Polanka to pick up the black trail
Down to Strazyska Polana

Entry to the park costs 5 Zloty, about £1
Looking to Spyrkowka with ski runs
Entrance to Tatrzanski Park
Tatrzanski Park warning sign
Near the start of the trail several trees that had been blown over during the storm that occurred 2 days before. Although other areas had been cleared these were still blocking the trail

Getting past the trees required different techniques: stooping under; crawling on hands and knees; climbing over or going up a slope to go round. Luckily there were less than 10 to contend with and these were the only storm damaged trees I saw today
Fallen tree obstacle on trail
Few trails closed in winter, marked with no-entry sign on 1:30,000 map, although the 1:15,000 had a stop sign that is used on all trails where there is an avalanche risk
Trail closed for winter markings
Trail closed during winter (due to avalanche risk) sign
Fallen tree cleared from path near Polana Strazyska hut
Looking south to Giewont from Polana Strazyska hut
Waterfall at end of yellow track near Polana Strazyska hut
Hut at Polana Strazyska
Soup from hut, tomato with rice
Inside hut at Polana Strazyska
Snow woman
Light starting to fade returning back to Zakopane