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Blog for February 27th, 2016

February 27th, 2016
Poland, Last day of walking, great weather, great ridge
Starorobocianski Wierch and Konczysty Wierch

Great Weather
The weather forecast was for a sunny day and stepping out of the hut soon confirmed it was correct
Being a sunny weekend day there were more people out compared to the isolated days during the week with poor weather
Hali Ornak PTTK hut
The yellow track from the hut soon went into the woods and climbed steadily to a col where I turned off onto the green track that left the woods and became steeper heading to a long broad ridge, Suchy Wierch Ornadzanski and Ornak
Viewing whilst ascending ridge towards Suchy Wierch Ornadzanski
Suchy Wierch Ornadzanski after ascent through forest
The broad ridge goes south for just over 2Kms with a small rocky lump at Zadni Ornak
Taking in the views from Ornak
Route to Starorobocianski Wierch (highest peak in photo)
How not to carry an ice axe on your rucksack
Looking at ridge running east to Blyszcz
Looking back to Zadni Ornak
At the end of the broad ridge there is a 150m ascent to Siwy Zwornik. This is much narrower and can feel much more exposed
Heading to Siwy Zwornik
Buried track junction sign at Siwy Zwornik
More Up
From Siwy Zwornik there is another 120 metres up to Starorobocianski Wierch

The snow was mainly hard neve with patches of soft drift that were best avoided to avoid sinking in
Looking west up to Starorobocianski Wierch from Siwy Zwornik (person gives scale)
Summit of Starorobocianski Wierch
Looking back to Siwy Zwornik from Starorobocianski Wierch
From Starorobocianski Wierch the route back was to Konczysty Wierch and follow the route that I had walked before
Looking to Konczysty Wierch from Starorobocianski Wierch
Looking to Trzydniowianski Wierch