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Blog for March 30th, 2017

March 30th, 2017
Exploring moorland
Glen Kyllachy and Glen Mazeran

Track used for initial easy access to hills
Plenty of signs of grouse presence
Contents of ceca from grouse. Part of digestion system located after intestines to help break down cellulose and tough vegetation
Frog spawn beside lower track
Peat hags became a regular feature
Wind farm north east of Carn Glac an Eich
Small lochan at NH691,261
Small gulley navigation feature at NH692,259
Small herd of stags
Looking back from Carn Glac an Eich
Old fence before Carn Glac an Eich
Various human signs in hills: Old fence, triangulation pillar, wind farm
Snow patch with rucksack for size comparison
Hare waiting to run off
Hare, haring off
Visit to cairn shown on map
Lunch stop
Featureless gentle hilltops
Heather burning in distance
Heather burning patterns on hillside
Group of stags grazing by water in Glen Mazeran
Horses in field near Glenmazeran Lodge