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Blog for January 7th, 2018

January 7th, 2018
Good conditions on Cairngorm Plateau
Cold clear day with great evening light

Cold Start
I thought I had misread the thermometer in my van when it showed -3C for the inside temperature. However, my plastic water bottle confirmed the reading. The bottle had ice inside it, even though it was inside my rucksack which was inside my sleeping area
Looking down to Loch Morlich
Looking north east from Cairngorm ski area
Roaming About
I decided to follow the route from a couple of days before when I had 10-50m visibility

That included a walk up to the weather station on the Cairngorm mountain. There had been no point in taking photos that day as it would just have been a white subject with a white background
Cairn Gorm weather station and mast iced up
Staying Out Late
Being close to mid winter daylight was limited so dusk arrives early. Most people were getting off the mountain but I wanted to stay up high to see what the late afternoon light would bring

It was worth it and after descending, the last hour of walking was in the dark back to the ski centre
People heading in the opposite direction off the hill
Dusk appearing about 16:00